Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Range of Solar Geysers/Heaters available with us are 100 LPD,
150 LPD, 200 LPD, 300 LPD, 500 LPD.

* LPD stands for Litres per day.

Why Surya Konnect?

  • Temperature upto 75 C.
  • Superb performance in all Weather Conditions.
  • Stays warm upto 72 Hours.
  • Save big on Gas and Electricity.
  • Eco Friendly

Savings forecast & pay-back calculation
a. Average useage on 4 hours consumption is 8kwh or 8 Units.
b. Charges for electricty per day are Rs 40 (1 unit = Rs 5.00)
c. Charges for a month of consumption are 1,200 (40 x 30 days)
d. Savings on using Solar Geyser for an year are Rs 7,200
e. The pay-back time on 100 litre of solar water is approx. 2 years.