Solar Rooftop Plants

Solar Rooftop Plants

Solar energy is present everywhere and in abundance and Its enough to illuminate your Home. Solar rooftop plants are easy to construct on the available roof area of your building. You can make about 1 kW of power output from approx 100 square feet area. The DC electricity generated is then converted to AC using an inverter and then the AC electricity is finally synchronized with your metering point so that you can use it for your appliances, lighting and other purposes.

Continuous power failures and ever growing prices for non stop electricity supply using diesel fuel to run generators are a mayor concern for most of the Companies and Households in India. Solar rooftop plants are the Best and most Captive way of consumption as the same can be integrated with the existing electricity infrastructure to improve your daily requirements.

Surya Konnect has successfully installed multiple industrial as well as residential rooftop solar plants.



The On-Grid Solar Power Plant is directly connected from the Main Grid. It is connected with the grid power by installing bi-directional meter with the permission of power utilities under “Net Metering” regulations of the State. The power is credited to the user's account and can be used by the consumer during the financial year.


OFF-Grid with Battery

Off-Grid connected solar is a solar electricity system connected to a battery backup system. During the day, sun shine charges the batteries as well as supplies power to your home. With this system, your house is not connected to the national grid.


Solar Rooftop Plant Applications

Rooftop plant for Residential Houses

Rooftop plant for Industries

Rooftop plant Schools

Rooftop plant for Colleges

Rooftop plants for Hotels and Hospitals

Rooftop plants for Petrol Pumps